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I am officially declaring Volume 41 to be the hardest to summarize after 35. I love so many things about it, but, DAMN.

In the meantime --

Volume 40: Gear

[Cover Arc: Mr. 5 and Miss G-W flee from Hina and her men.]

The Franky Family faces down the terrifying sight of two giants.

The Kairiki Destroyers make the first attack, but are taken down easily.

The giants boast that they come of a "warrior tribe." They're not like those chibi ningen ("baby humans"), who are just a bit bigger than normal.

They won't let a single critter (ippiki) through. ("ippiki" implies a small animal, like a cat or a dog.) Later on they're even more specific - not a single ant!

The Franky Family are determined not to bring shame to the family name. Their aniki is just on the other side of that gate!

Nothing seems to work against the giants, until Sodom and Gomorrah arrive (one is being ridden by Zambai and the Square Sisters, the other by the three members of Galley-La).

They apologize for being late - they had to retrofit Sodom and Gomorrah for use on land. (LOL, Sodom and Gomorrah are moving on something like tank-treads. Of course, they only have flippers, not feet.)

Mozu and Kiwi cut Kashi's sandals out from under him, throwing him off balance.

Paulie attacks Kashi with his ropes. Zambai hits him with a cannon, and Lulu and Tileston nail him to the wall.

[Can we PLEASE stop with crucifying giants? ;__;)

Finally, Zambai taunts a not-too-bright Oimo into hitting Kashi, knocking him out entirely.

Someone at the island gate is reporting that the giants are taking care of the other attackers. As for Strawhat Luffy, they estimate 400… casualties.

"Oops, sorry!" (The agent is thinking "he took down another 100 with that last shot.")

The agent starts to revise his estimate ("Five…") but gets cut off when one of the casualties hits him in the head. (Haha, I didn't realize until I was reading the English that the guard makes a sound like "NIN!" when he gets hit in the head.)

Spandam mistakenly assumes that only five casualties (go-nin) were being reported.

(I kind of love the fact that Spandam is confused about what's going on for so long. I ALMOST feel sorry for him… until I remember what a jerk he is, and then I'm not sorry at all.)

Spandam thinks that Luffy must have run off and hid - after all, one man wouldn't be fool enough to challenge thousands of guards.

On the Rocketman, Kokoro is getting ready to lead the main charge.


Lucci and party return, greeting Spandam respectfully. (The pigeon is saluting…)

Kalifa complains about sexual harassment just from Spandam saying her name. (Apparently, she thinks everything Spandam says is sexual harassment. I would object to this more if Spandam weren't such an objectionable excuse for a human being.)

Lucci reports the arrest of Franky, and of Nico Robin from Ohara in the West Blue.

[Is this the first mention of Ohara being in the West Blue?]

Wow, in this image you can see how much bigger than normal Kumadori and Fukurou are.

Jabura and Lucci immediately start snarking at each other. ("More full of yourself than ever, I see." "And your ugly face is stupider than ever, Jabura.")

Strangely, all four immediately attack Fukurou, but it turns out it's a sort of test. Fukurou has the ability to measure attack power.

He explains that the "attack power" (douriki) of an average marine is 10 douriki. After five years away, he measures the other CP-9 at:

Kalifa - douriki 630
Blueno - douriki 820
Kaku - douriki 2200
Lucci - douriki 4000

Jabura is very upset that he came in not only below Lucci ("who ever heard of a power level that high!?"), but even Kaku, since he is 2180 to Kaku's 2200.

Jabura tells Kaku not to get too conceited, because the douriki measurement doesn't take account of HIS devil fruit ability. (We don't know what Jabura's devil fruit ability is, yet.)

Lucci calls him a "stray dog," which Jabura takes exception to. "You monster cat!"

[From the shadows, Lucci's animal form and Jabura's appear to be of equal size.]

Fukurou comments that everyone's been talking about how Jabura just got dumped by some waitress… might be because Fukurou was the one who blabbed it all over town.

Spandam tries to pacify them by saying that anyone with a power level over 500 is practically superhuman.

Fukurou "blabs" that Spandam's power level is 9.

"Shut up! I have a special sword!"

[This goes unexplained, for the time being.]

Kumadori tries to commit seppuku to make up for the fact that Kalifa is being rude to Spandam, but he can't die on account of iron body. Jabura: "Just DIE already!"

[I don't know why I find Kumadori so amusing. I think it's the Noh thing - it's like having an idiot antagonist going around misquoting Shakespeare non-stop. Incidentally, I wondered if his Japanese would be all classical and hard to understand, but it's really not. He just drags out every syllable, which you'd understand if you have ever watched the video of a Noh performance. Yoyoi~~~! Also, Jabura is cracking me up. He's such a spaz.]

Spandam says he'll have something special for them, later. (Note the contents of the box.)

They drag Robin and Franky in. Spandam gloats.

He comments that the "jijii" (oldsters) who are in charge of the government are weak ("lukewarm"). He and his people are the ones who are doing what needs to be done for world peace.

Their job is to eliminate all the fools standing in their way, starting with the traitorous fish-men "who don't obediently hand things over when we TELL them to."

[A reference to Tom, although possibly having larger significance in the light of *spoiler* later.]

This of course infuriates Franky, who bites Spandam in the head.

[More shounen characters should have the ability to bite heads. I approve.]

Kumadori jumps in to help Spandam.

Meanwhile, Spandam's marines are desperately trying to get in touch with him. (Spandam left the phone off the hook… again.)

Luffy is smashing everything in sight.

At the courthouse, one of the marines is begging the three-headed judge Baskerville for help, since they can't reach the Director.

[The typical shtick with this character is that the left-hand guy is always calling for the harshest penalty, the right-hand guy usually wants to let the culprit off, and then the middle guy votes for something that isn't in the middle at all - at which point the other two head-butt him.]


[Cover Arc: Hina is holding Miss Valentine hostage. What is Jango doing?]

At the island gate, the Square Sisters manage to unlock the gate while Oimo isn't looking, and Paulie traps Oimo in his ropes.

The Franky Family burst through the gate, dragging Oimo's body after them.

Outside the iron fence, Rocketman is getting ready to charge, but Zoro notices that the main gate has already closed, so he calls for a change of plan. They use the knocked-down fence as a platform to launch the train into the air.

(Zoro hasn't even worried about the landing part. "Leave it to luck." "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?")

Inside the island gate, when someone asks if they're the Straw Hat pirates, Zambai says they are. (Mozu and Kiwi: "WE ARE!?") Paulie doesn't care; he says they just have to concentrate on moving forward.

A defender stabs Paulie in the shoulder. They are the courthouse guard dog-squad.

[I guess these guys are supposed to be funny? Whatever, I don't know.]

Oimo is just getting up when Rocketman hits him in the back (poor guy…).

LOL, the poor Franky Family: "They jumped over the gate!? Then what was the point of opening it!?" (It's hard to be a loyal flunky.)

Rocketman crashes in the middle of the main square, beyond the island-gate.

Sanji and Zoro emerge.

Zoro: "Oh, were we supposed to introduce ourselves?"
Sanji: "Don't be ridiculous."

(Sogeking: "It was all according to my orders." Chopper: "REALLY!?")

SBS: LOL! OK, most of this is translated, but note that the numbers for Luffy, Nami and Sanji are number-puns: 56, go-mu; 73, na-mi; 32, san-ji. Also, the "I got no clue" (おれはわかんねー) under Chopper's picture totally makes me laugh, for some reason.


[Cover Arc: Hina is using Miss Valentine to get the remaining BW agents to turn themselves in.]

One of the marines identifies Zoro as Luffy's "underling," Pirate Hunter Zoro.

Sanji taunts Zoro with being an underling, but Zoro asks what that makes HIM, since they don't even know who he is.

"Pirate A? or would you prefer Pirate B?"

"If I had a bounty, it'd be twice yours!!" (Oh Sanji…)

Usopp is trying to play peacemaker, but Chopper says he's too far off to interfere ("tsukkomi" means "to stick your nose in", but also has the secondary meaning of "to play the straight man" in a comedy sketch).

When the marines try to blow up the train, Sogeking's mask gets knocked off for a moment (luckily Chopper doesn't notice).

The marines stop firing when an old lady, a little girl and a small animal emerge.

[In the One Piece world, how many times do I have to say it? NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PETS.]

They claim to have been taken "hostage" by the Strawhats.

Franky Family: "Like anyone needs a drunk hostage."

When Nami emerges, she calls forth a Thunder Bolt Tempo attack (which, unfortunately, turns out more indiscriminately than she planned).

Nami beats up Usopp. Sogeking: "I didn't make it! Anyway, it's your fault for using it wrong!"

But, it did a pretty good job of taking out the enemy (and, for that matter, Sanji and Zoro).

The Franky Family are impressed - they didn't realize that Nami was a warrior in her own right.

[Man, I wish Oda would give the girls more moments like this. :-(]

They're not sure where Luffy is, until they notice buildings blowing up.

Meanwhile, Luffy is having a hard time making any progress, until half the forces start falling back to deal with the new wave of attackers.

The five other Straw Hats are getting ready to face the courthouse dog-squad, until Paulie tells them to get on Sodom's back. They don't have time to waste on the small fry. The Franky Family all jump on Gomorrah's back, while the Galley-La fighters stay behind to deal with the courthouse dog squad.

Paulie, to Zoro: "Hey, if you see those guys… Give 'em a message from me. YOU'RE ALL FIRED."


Galley-La prepares to hold the rear line.


[Cover Arc: Mr. 3 is preparing to make his escape from Vacation Island. (I love how his hoodie has to stretch to cover the 3 on his head.)]

The King Bulls are barreling their way through the main part of the island.

In the Tower of Law, Spandam is beating up on a chained-up Franky.

[UGH, Spandam, you are a bully and and a coward. DIE.]

His complaining about how Iceberg stymied their efforts for years by uniting the ship-building companies and forming an alliance with the world government makes Franky understand, for the first time, why Iceberg acted as he did.

When Robin tries to interrupt Spandam's gloating with a simple question, he starts beating her up, too.

He says she'll be praying for death long before they're through with her. To be tortured, used, thrown in the sea - that's all her criminal existence is worth.

He further gloats that the "pirates" who showed up to rescue her have surely been taken into custody by now. He'll send them to Impel Down along with her.

When Robin protests that that wasn't what they agreed, Spandam points out that the agreement was to let them LEAVE Water 7 safely. Which they did.

Franky says that government people are nothing but shit; you can't expect them to keep their promises.

Spandam kicks the bound prisoners around some more. ;__;

He tells them to get friendly (仲良く) before they die. No one is strong enough to stand in the face of "great justice."

Cut to Luffy kicking ass and taking names. :-)

Spandam gives orders to have Franky and Robin taken through the gates of justice - Franky to Impel Down, Robin to Marine HQ. CP-9 can celebrate on board ship.

Lucci says he's not interested in celebrating. They obey orders, but they don't have to care about the things that Spandam cares about.

When Spandam asks what they ARE in it for, Lucci's answer is simple: "Blood."

(Lucci even scares Spandam, brr.)

The marines are frantic because they lost sight of Luffy. Meanwhile, Luffy is perched on the roof of the courthouse, looking over at the Tower of Law.

Blueno opens an air door over to where Luffy is.

Blueno: "I had a feeling 5 casualties was an understatement."

Blueno: "How long do you intend to run wild?" (いつまで暴れる気だ?)
Luffy: "'Til I die!"


LOL, Luffy keeps addressing Blueno as "Cow."

Blueno comments that Luffy doesn't seem to understand what it means to commit crime on a global scale.

Meanwhile, Sodom and Gomorrah are still charging forward. Chopper is trying to explain what Sodom told him about their life story. (They were found in the stomach of a sea king, and Franky decided not to eat them, so they joined the Franky Family out of gratitude.)

LOL the Franky face in Sodom's happy thought-balloon. Loyal sea flunkies!

Sodom has to point out to the others (through Chopper) that Usopp never made it onto his back. He's still back where they left him.

(Aw, Usopp!)

Back at the island gate, Galley-La is still holding the line. Paulie is pinning his hopes on Luffy, who swore he was strong enough to beat Iceberg's attackers.

Blueno is still trying, in vain, to explain to Luffy the folly of defying the united power of 170 nations.

Despite everything Blueno is telling him, despite the evidence of CP-9's superior strength, Luffy says he has no intention of losing.

Blueno is shocked to find that Luffy seems much stronger than when they fought in Iceberg's mansion.

Luffy: "I don't care about the 'world' or the 'government'! Do as you please. We just want Robin back!"

On Sodom's back, Nami is worried about Usopp, but Zoro says they've been getting stronger with every challenge. Usopp has, too. He'll manage.

They're almost within reach of the courthouse, when a massive cannonball hits Sodom.

The Franky Family call to the Strawhats to jump over to Gomorrah's back before Sodom collapses. Chopper agrees - Sodom is telling them to go on ahead.

Sodom collapses, and Gomorrah carries on with everyone on his back.


[Cover Arc: A shadowy figure appears before Mr. 3's boat.]

Sogeking is in hiding, watching the shipwrights of Galley-La fight. He thinks about running away, but decides that would be pointless, after having come this far.

[I love that Sogeking addresses Usopp as 男ウソップ. Man-Usopp!]

He resolves to disguise himself as a government agent so he can pass unnoticed through the crowds, but then he discovers himself slipping in a puddle of water… that turns out to be giant tears.

Oimo is weeping for regret and shame. "I'm sorry, bosses (okashira-tachi, お頭達)! We are the disgrace of Elbaf!"

[This is seriously one of my favorite moments in all of Water 7, and I have SO MANY favorites.]

Oimo tells Usopp his story. He and Kashi were once members of a pirate crew, but one hundred years ago, their bosses challenged each other to a duel, and their pirate crew broke up. They kept expecting the victor to come home, but neither ever did.

After 50 years, they set out to search for their bosses, but were taken captive by the navy, who informed them that their bosses were imprisoned in Impel Down. If they agreed to protect Enies Lobby for 100 years, the government offered to free both them and their captains. A century is nothing in the lifetime of a giant, so they agreed to take the deal.

When Oimo wails that now their bosses will be in prison forever, Usopp says something is funny. ("Not funny-haha, funny-strange!" [okashii - the same pun works in Japanese.]) He and his comrades met Dorry and Broggy, who had been fighting a duel on Little Garden for 100 years.

"Captured? That's a big fat lie!!"

[I love that Dorry and Broggy have recently been featured in the cover arc, just in case we forgot who they were. As if we would!]

In the courthouse, the three-headed judge decides that it's time to call on… THEM. The eleven jurors!

In the main part of the island, Gomorrah is dodging cannon-fire. The den-den mushi rings - it's Kokoro, who says she forgot to tell them something. They'll need to lower the drawbridge to get from the courthouse to the Tower of Law. To do that, they need to pull the levers at the top of each of the two towers of the courthouse.

Chimney chimes in, and tells them that she saw Luffy climb up to the top of the courthouse. (That girl has sharp eyes.)

Just when they think they've got a plan, Gomorrah gets hit by a giant iron wrecking-ball on a chain. Shadowy figures are surrounding him.

The forces of the entire island are converging on Gomorrah's fallen body.

In the Tower of Law, Franky is trying to talk sense into Robin. Isn't she happy her crew came to save her?

[Aw, "not like I'm bent out of shape because my guys didn't come for me." They're coming, Franky! But, poor Franky - it just doesn't occur to him that anyone is coming for him like they are for Robin.]

At the island gate, the marines are thrilled to see Oimo and Kashi - they're saved!

The men from Galley-La are aghast; they don't have the strength to fight these monsters.

Everyone is stunned when the giants turn on the marines. "HOW DARE YOU DECEIVE US!!"

[I almost feel sorry for the marines. I mean, not like they knew about the lies the government was telling poor Oimo and Kashi. But, such a Babylon 5 moment!]

Usopp ("King of Snipers" to the giants of Elbaf) is calling the shots. "Take us to our comrades!"


[Cover Arc: Mr. 2 is taking Mr. 3 out. You cannot depart from the path of a human!]

Flashback: just before the other CP-9 agents left, Spandam called them back. He has something for Kaku and Kalifa.

Jabura freaks out. He's convinced that if he gets near a devil fruit, the devil inside him will start fighting with the devil inside the fruit, and it'll be all over. Blueno has to explain to him that that only happens if you try to EAT a second devil fruit.

I had forgotten that the possibility (or not) of eating two devil fruits was mentioned this early.

Spandam claims he has "connections," which enabled him to get his hands on two devil fruits.

Wonder if they're the artificial kind?

In Rob Lucci's room, they're talking about the fact that eating a devil fruit is a gamble. If it's not one of those that is illustrated in the reference books, then you're gambling about what kind of power you might get. And if you end up getting some weird useless power, you still lose the ability to swim for the rest of your life.

Still, Lucci says, it's not likely that they'll end up weaker than they were. He thinks they should take the gamble.

Jabura, Fukurou and Kumadori are nervously watching from the doorway. Jabura is trying to talk them out of eating it (Fukurou says Jabura just doesn't want Kaku to be stronger than him).

Neither Kaku nor Kalifa hesitate to eat the fruit.

The effects of the fruit are not apparent… at first.

[Haha, I think this is actually the worst cliffhanger in this volume. What power did they get!? Stay tuned!]

Luffy and Blueno are still fighting on the roof of the courthouse.

Blueno is able to use his powers to good effect (particularly when he turns Luffy's eyes into a "revolving door" - [ profile] wednesday_10_00 pointed out in a previous comment that this is probably the most creative use of his power in battle).

On Gomorrah's back, Zoro and Sanji can see the evidence of Luffy's fight with Blueno (smashed parapets, etc), but they can't get there.

Gomorrah insists on trying to carry them forward, although it soon becomes clear that he is blind. (Poor Gomorrah!)

Chopper: "He says… I promised Sodom! I'll carry them for both of us!"

[Doing something for someone else's "portion" has been a theme in One Piece since Zoro first swore a vow to Kuina. There is a lot of it in this arc.]

Flashback to happier Franky-Family times. Aw, dancing Sodom and Gomorrah!

Gomorrah is headed straight for a dead end.

Zoro: "I don't see any dead end. You?"
Sanji: "Me neither."

They cut through the wall into the main square before the courthouse.


[Cover Arc: Miss Valentine is waiting to be rescued down by the shore.]

Spandam is gloating to his pet elephant about his golden den-den mushi, which grants him the power to order a Buster Call. But, once he has the power of the ancient weapon, he won't need an admiral's help. He'll have the power to do whatever he pleases.

An agent rushes in (nearly startling Spandam into hitting the button by mistake), saying there's an emergency call. (Spandam: "Who keeps leaving the receiver off the hook!?")

Spandam is so confident about the message that he decides to take it where Robin can hear him.

The agent on the other end of the line informs him that 60 pirates have reached as far as the main square in front of the courthouse.

The Straw Hats are in the main square, trying to figure out how to get to Luffy. (I like that Sanji is the one who calculates that they probably wouldn't all be up on the roof with Robin and Franky - and he's right.)

Someone tries to attack them with an iron wrecking-ball, but Yokozuna blocks the attack.

Sanji reappears - he caught one of the attackers.

[Ugh, these guys are seriously creepy.]

Before Zambai can even get done worrying about how to get through the doors of the courthouse, Zoro has already broken them down.

Mozu and Kiwi each lead a squad to the right and the left, to deal with the levers for the drawbridge. Zambai leads a team into the main lobby of the courthouse.

Meanwhile, the agent on the phone is reporting that Oimo and Kashi have gone over to the pirates' side, and they have over 2000 casualties, fully half of which were caused by Straw Hat Luffy.

[Shounen manga, ILU.]

Spandam: "Not five…?"

[Seriously, I almost feel sorry for him here. But only almost.]

Spandam looks out the window and sees Blueno fighting Luffy on the roof of the building opposite.

Franky is laughing himself SICK.

[I kind of love that Franky is here. Not just because Robin shouldn't have to face this alone, but because she's in no mental condition right now to appreciate what the Strawhats are doing for her. I love that Franky is there to revel in it. In your FACE, Spandam.]


When contacted by Spandam, the Baskerville(s?) report that the situation is pretty much as bad as it could possibly be. (Love the shot of the whirlwind in front of them - I'd say that's mostly Zoro.)

When the Franky Family spot Baskerville, they comment that they've heard of a three-headed guard dog, but never a man.

[Heh, this confirms that the inspiration for Baskerville was the Greek Cerberus, guard-dog of Hades. I assume Oda chose the name Baskerville(s) because of the Hound of The. Hey, they're both dogs.]

While the judge begins reading the sentence, the team is trying to strategize their next move. They decide to take the stairs.

Zoro slashes a way through.

Franky Family: "And again, he's not the captain because…?"

Sanji wants to be the one to lead the way, which immediately leads to a squabble between him and Zoro. But when Chopper reminds him they came to save Robin, Sanji loses his wits and charges on ahead.

In the next panel, Nami and Chopper are trying to deal with Zoro (who went the wrong way in the ten seconds that no one was paying attention).

Nami: "I said STAIRS! What are you, Fantasista?" (Google seems to suggest that this is an Italian term for a type of soccer player, and there is also a sports manga by the same name. I have no idea what the reference is supposed to mean. Viz has "Are you trying to show off?")
Zoro: "Shut up, your directions suck!"
Nami: "How is this MY fault!?"
Chopper: "I'll make you some medicine next time, Zoro! Medicine for だめ!" (Uselessness, lol)
Zoro: "だめ? Oi!"
Sanji: "Robin-chan, wait for meeeeee!"

Franky guy: "Think Aniki is gonna make it?"
Zambai: "They're the type that come through in a pinch… I think." (きっと)

(I must have spent about two minutes laughing over this panel. I have a huge weakness for the panels where all the Strawhats are being completely, ridiculously themselves and everyone else is watching going ???)

The Baskerville(s) decide that judgment is warranted, and attack Chopper, Nami and Zoro.

Zoro is getting ready to head off the attack, but the Franky Family intervenes, dragging the judge down to their level. "You'll be fighting US, Cerberus!"

Zoro, Chopper and Nami seize the opportunity to escape.

Luffy and Blueno are still fighting on the roof of the courthouse. Luffy's face finally stopped revolving.

Blueno is shocked that Luffy is able to keep pace with him.

Luffy suddenly says (with a big grin) "This is no good. I can't beat you like this."

He realized it when he met Aokiji. If he's going to keep meeting people as strong as that on the seas up ahead, he's going to need to get stronger. Because, he has people on his team who aren't as strong as he is, but he wants to keep them as his nakama. If he isn't the strongest of all, he won't be able to protect them.

He's thought up a new battle technique, so he won't ever have to lose anyone again. So no one will go far away.

[Oh, LUFFY. This is both awesome/heartwarming, and in the light of *spoiler*, so, so heartbreaking.]

Blueno is puzzled by the fact that steam seems to be coming out of Luffy's body.

Luffy says he's figured out how to pump up all of his techniques to the next level.



[Cover Arc: Mr. 3 shows up, bound, with a 'surrender' sign tied to him.]

Luffy says he's glad he met "you guys."

Blueno thinks he can still easily dodge Luffy's attacks with Soru, but it turns out Luffy can more than match his speed.

Stunned, Blueno realizes that Luffy has somehow managed to master "soru" on his own.

He retreats temporarily into an "air door" to regroup and figure out what the hell is going on.

Blueno tries to counterattack, but Luffy comments that he figured out from observing them how they were managing to move so fast. He's happy to have learned something new.

Even Blueno's strongest tekkai isn't enough to withstand Luffy's attack.

Thinking Blueno still has some fight in him, Luffy is about to show off his ultimate attack (he bites his thumb…), but, Blueno collapses.

Luffy realizes that he's exhausted. He really isn't strong enough to keep this up, yet. Oh well, the hell with his body.

I know I'm supposed to be impressed with Luffy's techniques, but honestly seeing him use them just makes me cringe. He's got to be taking years off his life with this crap.

In the center of the island, the giants are on a rampage.

Sogeking is exhorting the giants to move ahead to the courthouse. "That's the bond between warriors!"

[I find Usopp's giant-bonding to be both hilarious and adorable. His spirit is giant-sized, even if he doesn't always realize it!]

In the square before the courthouse, the marines are trying to attack, but they're all being turned back by the might of Yokozuna.

[I LOVE Yokozuna. Have I mentioned that lately? Frog power!]

Kiwi is leading the right-hand tower charge. "We only need one person to reach the top!"

Mozu is leading the left-hand tower charge. She's holding off the attackers to let the others get ahead.

[Aw, her men call her Mozu no ane-san (big sis). In yakuza-speak, that's very respectful.]

The Franky Family are holding the Baskerville(s) at bay.

On the upper floors, the Strawhats are trying to fight their way through the waves of defenders.

(Nami: "Chopper, could you watch where you're swinging, PLEASE!?")

More of the creepy guys in leather fetish gear show up wielding iron balls on a chain. "Guilty! Guilty!"

In the Tower of Law, Spandam is insisting that Franky and Nico Robin be taken to the ship leaving for the Gates of Justice at once. The others protest that the ship isn't ready yet, but Spandam is determined to get them as far away from the other pirates as possible.

Back on the island, Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe are enjoying the show. ("Those giants really know how to get things done!")

Kokoro says that no one with any sense in their heads would even attempt to attack this island. They've accomplished something that no has been able to do for centuries. She tells Chimney to watch what happens. Win or lose, pretty soon, the whole world is going to be ringing with Luffy's name.

[She's absolutely right, and I love how little Luffy cares about any of that.]

Standing on the courthouse roof, Luffy bellows at the top of his lungs.

"RO~BI~N! We came to get you!"

[Love the montage of faces.]


[I kind of love the video-game-style map on the closing pages. Oda has a lot of fun mapping out who is where during the big climactic fights.]
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