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I found volume 41 really hard to summarize for two reasons - because the flashback breaks my heart (so I had to keep stopping every few chapters), and because I find just about everything that happens so compelling, it was more like I was translating than summarizing half the time. Which is overkill and unnecessary, really. But anyway, I'm hoping that the next couple of volumes might be easier to summarize. Fight scenes usually are.

Volume 41: Delcaration of War



[Cover Arc: Mr. 3 is not who he appears to be. "Fake Mr. 3's Okama Kenpou."]

Luffy is on the roof of the courthouse, bellowing to Robin.

The marines inform Spandam that that is definitely Strawhat Luffy. Spandam is shocked - wasn't Blueno just fighting with him?

Luffy's stomach is growling. Good thing he stuffed his pockets with extra meat!


Spandam: "THAT'S Mugiwara no Luffy!?" (LOL)

[So many One Piece villains feel your pain, Spandam. Luffy is stuffing his face.]

Seeing Blueno unconscious, Spandam is terrified. CP9, user of six powers, devil fruit user, a superman with a power level over 800 - defeated by that brat (kozou)?

Spandam gives orders to summon CP-9, and tell them this time they have permission to kill Luffy and everyone in his crew.

"And tell Baskerville that if any pirates get past him, I'll lower the drawbridge on all three of their damn necks!!"

[Haha, this pun is really hard to translate. 跳ね橋 (hanebashi), drawbridge; 跳ね飛ばしてやる (hanetobashite-yaru), "I'll lop their heads off," used specifically for guillotining someone.]

Franky is still trying to cheer Robin up. He tells her he knows she turned herself in to the government for her comrades' sake, but "that idiot director" has made it obvious that he has no intention of keeping his promises. Meekly allowing herself to be taken away won't save anyone now.

"All you gotta do is accept their help and escape from this place, so why the long face?"

He comments that it's like she's still running away from something, all alone. Is she afraid that her nakama might die here? They won't be able to save her if she turns her back on them.

[I have a grammar question about the middle line in Japanese. How is 仲間がここで死ぬ事でも恐れてんのか literally translated? I was thrown off by the "koto de mo" in the middle; at first I thought he was asking if Robin was so afraid that she'd let her nakama die.]

He says he's determined to get her back together (会わせる) with Mugiwara.

[He really has a thing about not letting groups break up.]

Spandam is still giving orders to have Nico Robin and Franky escorted out, but the marines are terrified to see that Franky's body is swelling up like a balloon. Franky declares that he's made up his mind to blow himself up and take "Spanda" with him.

As Spandam and his men run screaming, Franky grabs onto Robin and uses his "Coup de Boo" attack.

[風来・噴射 (normally fuurai-funsha, wandering-jet), glossed クー・ド・ブー. I think this might be a pun on the word 風来坊, fuuraibou, "hobo.")]

[Also, Franky, thank you for saving Robin, but… GROSS. >.<]

Franky and Robin are nearly blown off the roof by the force of the explosion, but Franky manages to hang on. They're facing Luffy across the gulf.

Spandam tells the marines to catch the escaped prisoners, quick - if the prisoners get away, he'll hang the lot of them!

[Spandam is awfully fond of a variety of grisly forms of execution.]

Franky fights off their attackers to give Robin time to speak with Luffy.

Luffy is about to jump across the gulf, but Robin tells him to wait.

She's told them and TOLD them she's not coming back.

"Go home! I never want to see your faces again! Why did you come here to save me? When did I ever ask for that?"

[Love the cut here to the other Strawhats fighting for all they're worth.]

"I just want to DIE!"

(Oh, oh, Luffy's face.)

Franky is outraged, but Robin says they chose to come after her on their own.

Kaku kicks Franky aside. (I didn't realize that was Kaku for a moment - Franky's big hand is in the way.]

Jabura is laughing and asking if Kaku is just taking out his frustration for having eaten a weird fruit.

Kaku: "Shut up! I like it!"

[And another volume goes by without finding out what the mystery fruits are. Oda, you are a tease.]

Spandam thinks Robin's cruel words are just the funniest thing he's ever heard.

The agents of CP-9 are all lining up on the ledge, but he tells them to wait a moment to enjoy the show.

(On the ledge: Kalifa, Kumadori, Jabura, Lucci, Kaku and Fukurou. Of course, Blueno is already out for the count, and Spandam is behind them.)

[SBS: Even the watchdogs of the Guard Dog Unit are gossiping about Jabura getting dumped by a waitress, hee. Chopper is called on to translate.]


[Cover arc: Bon Kurei gets ready to fight Hina while Mr. 5 and Miss G-W look on. Poor Fullbody and Jango are out cold.]

Yokozuna is still holding off all the attackers at the front door of the courthouse. The guys in leather (the "Guilty Jurors") approach.

In the right and left towers, more "Guilty Jurors" are confronting Kiwi and Mozu.

Inside the courthouse, Zambai is commenting that he never expected to find a judge inside Enies Lobby. He had heard that all culprits were simply marched through an empty courthouse to their doom.

Baskerville says that everyone gets a fair trial. It's just that the jurors are all convicts on death row, and they never acquit (because why shouldn't other people have to suffer like they are?). So in the history of the court, no one has ever been found "not guilty."

In the hallways of the courthouse, Zoro has gotten separated from the others and is lost. (Of course.)

[LOL, I just realized that in the first two panels, Zoro runs out of one room and right back into the same room through a different door. How did I miss that?]

[LOLX2: the English translation kind of obscures this, but I love that whenever Zoro gets lost, he blames other people. "They wandered off somewhere again… I told them we didn't have time for this!" また逸れやがった… 時間がねーってのに… (Or possibly, even funnier, "They're the ones who said we had to hurry.") Both -yagatta and 'tte noni imply that this is so not his fault.]

But he just needs to go "up", so…

A level above him, Nami and Chopper are facing more Guilty Jurors.

Nami: "Let's go, Chopper! Wait, no. You go, Chopper!"

[LOL, now there's a demonstration of the difference between iku wa yo and iku no yo - the sentences are otherwise identical.]

Zoro smashes straight through the floor from below, sending the juror flying.

At the courthouse entrance, Yokozuna falls, finally taken out by the force of the iron wrecking-ball. The Franky Family are preparing to take over for him, but Oimo and Kashi arrive just in time.

They're very impressed with Yokozuna. ("To take on so many defenders… that's some frog!")

When Usopp runs in to find out what's going on, the Franky Family members are impressed, too. ("GIANTS obey your orders? You're really something!") Then they tell him to hurry and catch up with the others who are headed for the roof.

Kashi: "Leave this one to me, King of Snipers!"

[I am not sure whether he means the defense of the gate, or his plan for getting Usopp to the roof, which we'll see in a moment.]

Up on the Tower of Law, Spandam is gloating. How will Luffy's face look now, now that the comrade he came all this way to save has rejected his help? Too delicious!

To his shock, Luffy is just picking his nose in particularly idiotic manner and whining.

"Awwww, Robin! We came all this way!"

(While he's speaking, various figures are crashing through the roof: first Nami and Chopper, then Zoro. Nami managed the landing a bit better than Chopper did. This whole sequence is another one of those Mugiwara comedy theater moments I love so much.)

"Look, we're just gonna save you, ok! If you still want to die that bad, then…!"

Nami is screeching at Zoro in the background. ("Are you trying to KILL us?")

Zoro: "Huh? What happened to you?"

[LOL, I originally interpreted どうしたんだ、お前ら as "What's your problem?" It's funny either way.]

Sanji shows up, convinced he must be the first to arrive, and is horrified to discover Zoro got there ahead of him.

"… WEED!" [Hee, the only thing he can get out is the "mo" of marimo. "mo" is the seaweed in "round seaweed ball."]

"Oh hey, you're late. Did you get lost?"

(Usopp comes flying over the parapet.)


CP-9 are staring.

Kaku: "They just keep coming…"

Luffy (paying no attention to any of this): "If you wanna die or whatever, say that to our faces AFTER we save you!"

[Ahaha, Robin's poor face. You can't fight a force of nature, Robin!]

The six Straw Hats are lined up on the parapet, facing the six members of CP-9.

"Just leave the rest to us!"

[I LOVE this scene. It manages to be totally freaking hilarious and super-epic at the same time. The animators did an amazing job with it… except the part where they were so proud of themselves that they showed the same sequence of the Strawhats lining up on the roof THREE HUNDRED TIMES. And even so, it was still awesome.]


Oimo and Kashi are gleefully defending the main door of the courthouse. ("Unfortunately for you [あいにく], gatekeeping is our specialty.") That's the duty they owe the King of Snipers.

Paulie rushes to help Zambai and the others, telling Lulu and Tileston to go help Mozu and Kiwi.

Robin is facing the Strawhats.

Zoro reports that the Franky Family is still working on the drawbridge.

Kalifa is impressed that they made it to Enies Lobby in spite of the Aqua Laguna. Jabura comments that their "luck" (un) is pretty good (運が良さそうだな).

Robin still won't speak.

Franky, to Robin: "Oi, you jerk (temee), ENOUGH already!"

(Silently, he wonders how heavy a burden this woman could possibly be carrying.)

Spandam orders CP-9 to stay on his side, and only kill the Strawhats if they manage to cross over to the Tower of Law.

(His own life might be in danger! Who's gonna protect him if CP-9 loses?)

Spandam gloats some more (I think I might seriously hate him more than any villain in One Piece, he is just so PETTY).

[The more safe he feels from attack, the more he gloats, ugh.]

He waves the Golden Den-Den mushi in Robin's face, calling it the power that destroyed her home town. The very name of Ohara has been erased from the map.

The other Strawhats absorb the meaning of what Spandam is saying. Luffy remembers Robin telling them that she had nowhere to go, no home to return to.

Robin begs Spandam to stop, but he keeps taunting her. "Shall I press the button? Shall I?"

Saul, stop!

Spandam: "Does it bring back memories, hmmm?"

[I'm with Sanji: I want to KICK HIM INTO THE OCEAN.]

Robin finally can't bear any more.

"Wiped off the map? You think it's that simple? You think people can know things just by looking at a map? It's because you people see the world that way that you can do such monstrous things!"

[Or possibly, "that you can confirm the existence of people," as Viz has it. 地図の上から人間が確認できる?]

[Interesting to contrast this with Nami's dream of mapping the world. Not that I think Robin would ever look down on Nami's dream, but Nami's dream of representing everything that exists on a map of the world sits uncomfortably with Robin's abomination for those who think that you can change reality by changing what is represented on a map. Then again, maybe Nami's determination to map everything she sees - including things other people think are mythical, like Sky Island - lines up with Robin's quest for true history after all.]

[I like the representation of the "map" on the Gates of Justice behind Enies Lobby as the backdrop to this line.]

Robin is thinking that the Buster Call is a power so merciless that it loses sight of its own objectives.

That is the one thing that ought never to be used.

[I initially missed that this was a "remembered" line. Is she remembering what Iceberg said about the ancient weapon? If so, it makes the connection between the ancient weapon and the Buster Call even stronger. At first I thought the resemblance was only implied.]


[Only been waiting 17 volumes for this…]

20 Years Ago, West Blue: Ohara.

Some bratty little kids are throwing stones at Robin while she quietly reads a book.

"Demon!" (妖怪, youkai; this seems to be the townspeople's standard name for her.)

They run off crying when Robin uses her devil fruit power on them.

"The demon attacked us! Ew, creepy!" (気味悪い, kimiwarui, a term often used for Robin's power by others on Ohara.)

Nico Robin, aged 8.

One of the children's mother shows up to scold Robin for bullying the other kids "unprovoked."

"Stay away from my child, you creepy little brat!"

Robin just stares at the woman with no expression on her face.

Walking home, she sees children laughing and holding hands with their parents.

"Mama, it's the demon woman!" "Hush, child, don't point!"

Arriving home, she finds a note saying that the family (her aunt, uncle and cousin) have gone out for a night on the town to celebrate their daughter's birthday. They left her some bread for dinner. ("Don't use too much jam, now.")

The note reminds her to be sure to do all the chores before they get home.

Aw, Robin using her devil fruit power to help do the dishes.

She scrubs the floor and brings in the laundry, brushing away unruly tears.

[The whole Cinderella thing would almost be TOO much, except that there's something so dreadful about the quiet, polite, stoic way Robin endures it all… far too much like her adult self. I forget that she wasn't a normal child even BEFORE she spent twenty years on the run.]

After dinner, she runs off to the Tree of All Knowledge, the great library of Ohara.

When she comes into the darkened room, the archaeologists are waiting to throw her a surprise party. They're celebrating the news that she passed her doctoral exams (100%!) to become an full-fledged archaeologist.

[Oh, if ONLY it were that easy.]

[SBS: Reassures us that Sanji didn't hurt the transponder snail when he crushed it. Thank you, Oda!]


[Cover Arc: Bon Kurei is still battling Hina, who seems to be getting the upper hand.]

Professor Clover gives Robin the symbol of her new status, a badge with a ribbon.

[I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Is this how ten-year-olds think academia works?]

The Tree of Knowledge has stood for 5000 years, a library in which scholarly tomes have been gathered from all over the world, a priceless treasure belonging to all of humanity.

Scholars gather from throughout the world to study beneath the Tree of Knowledge. With these resources, there is no historical problem they cannot solve. He can't wait to see what Robin has to contribute.

Happy and excited, Robin says she wants to solve the problem of the "Void History" (空白の歴史).

Clover is aghast - that is the one thing that is forbidden. When Robin asks if they can't find out what happened in the Void Century (空白の100年) by reading the poneglyphs, Clover is even more horrified.

He asks if she's been using her power to spy on them. "Reading the poneglyphs is a crime, you should know that!"

But, Robin complains, they've all been sneaking downstairs after lights out to work on them. She thought that if she worked hard and passed her exams, they would finally let her join them.

(kenkyuu no nakama ni irete moraeru, oh, Robin.)

Clover tries to make her understand that they are all risking their lives to read the poneglyphs, knowing the consequences if they're found out. She has mastered great knowledge, but she's still just a child.

Since the law was passed eight hundred years before, countless scholars have lost their lives trying to research the poneglyphs.

[Note the figure of 800 years.]

No one outside of Ohara knows how to read the poneglyphs. They've already come too far to turn back, but he absolutely forbids Robin to spy on them any further.

"Swear by the Tree of Knowledge! If you ever come near the basement again, you'll be forbidden to enter the doors of this library!"

Robin runs off crying.

One of the scholars comments "She's following in her mother's footsteps."

Professor Clover says she still doesn't know the news that came in recently. Robin's mother, Nico Olivia, has been arrested, and they all know what fate awaits her.

[Olvia, or Olivia? The Japanese is オルビア, which sounds more like Olivia to me, but the wanted poster says Olvia, presumably because that's the standard transcription for ru followed by another consonant in a foreign word. Take your pick, I guess. I prefer Olivia.]

Walking by the shore, Robin discovers a giant washed up on the beach.

[I LOVE how she just stares curiously at him when he roars at her. I guess that sang-froid was born to her naturally. Also, I don't think I realized at first that Saul, just like Robin herself, expects people to be frightened at the mere sight of him and is non-plussed when Robin doesn't react.]

"Wa… water…"

"Mi-mizu?" (This means "earthworm"; mizu is "water.")

Robin continues to stare curiously at the giant as he refreshes himself with water and tries to figure out where he is.

[Oda-box: Saul, shipwreck victim, of the giant race.]

"You can keep standing there if you want, nothing exciting is going to happen."

He says his leg is injured, but soon he'll build a raft and be on his way.

"Never seen a giant before? I'll tell you, not all giants are like those barbarians from Elbaf. There are peaceful giants too!"

[Ha, I love this note of friendly (?) rivalry between giant clans, especially with the recent re-introduction of the Elbaf giants.]

Saul says it's probably no use to ask her, but he wishes she wouldn't mention him to anyone. Robin insists she can keep a secret (he doesn't believe her).

"Cause, I'm not that interested in you."

Saul roars with laughter. "Dereshishishi!"

Robin thinks he has a funny way of laughing. It makes her laugh, too.

Saul says she's cute when she laughs. She should do it more often. (Aw, blushy Robin.)

The giant introduces himself as Jaguar D. Saul.

(Yes, that D.)

When Robin asks about it, he says everyone in his family has that initial.

Four days after the giant's arrival on Ohara, a shadowy figure shows up on a marine ship.

[Who is this? I didn't think any of the marines were within range of the island yet, based on what we see later. ETA: I figured it out a bit later… I think.]

Robin's aunt is furious - Robin has been making off with all the bread and jam in the house!

Saul chuckles and thanks Robin for the bread, but tells her to eat the rest. He had some fish the night before. (Nice catch, Saul. That fish is huge!)

Saul comments that Robin seems to have a lot of time on her hands, spending every day with him. Don't her friends and parents wonder where she is?

Robin says her mother went to sea when she was little, for work. She doesn't even remember her face. And she likes the archaeologists, but they won't let her be their nakama. The other kids in town think she's creepy and won't play with her.

With a flick of her hand, she displays her power.

[Oh, Robin. She's just waiting for him to react with fear and disgust.]

Saul is mildly impressed. "Ah, a devil fruit user, I see."

Robin is surprised that he isn't afraid, but Saul says he's seen plenty of power users on the Grand Line.

"I envy you. That looks pretty useful, dereshishishi!"

Giggling, Robin says he really does have a funny way of laughing, but Saul says that when you're happy, you laugh. So that means that if you laugh, you'll become happy. He can see she's had a hard time of it, but she should laugh more. Even when things are painful.

Robin thinks it's silly to laugh when you're sad.
Saul: "That ain't true, dereshishishi!"

At sea, Director Spandain gets a call from Navy HQ. Spandain refuses to answer, saying they just want an update. He doesn't know why he ("oresama") has to come to this little backwater of a place in the West Blue, anyway.

[Oda-box: Spandain, Director of CP-9, 20 years earlier.]

Someone runs up to Professor Clover to tell him that a navy ship has been sighted off shore. They'd better take precautions, in case this is another government inspection.

On the cliffside, Saul is trying to teach Robin to laugh.
"Good, good! Dereshishishi!"

[Turn the KNIFE, Oda, why don't you. >.< The title of the chapter is "Dereshi."]


[Cover Arc: Mr. 5 and Miss G-W run off with Miss Valentine while Hina is occupied.]

Saul is pleased to have finished his raft, but Robin looks depressed. "You're leaving already?"

Saul decides that maybe he should stay just a LITTLE longer. He needs a flag, after all.

[Aw, happy Robin!]

Robin confides in Saul that someday, she wants to go to sea. When her mother comes back for a visit, she's going to make her mother take her along on the next expedition. That's why she's been studying so hard to become an archaeologist.

"Say, Saul, did you know? There's a hundred years missing from the history of the world."

Robin says her mother is traveling the world in order to research the lost history. Oh, but that's a secret! Because it's a crime.

Saul is horrified. "You're telling me she's looking for poneglyphs?"

Robin is surprised that he's heard of poneglyphs.

Saul tells her she must never, never speak to anyone else about the poneglyphs. Much less the fact that her mother is researching them.

It finally occurs to him to ask the name of Robin's mother. When he hears that her mother's name is Olivia, he is aghast.

"Then… this is Ohara? Oh, no!"

Saul tells Robin to listen closely. The marines are on their way at this moment to wipe out all the archaeologists on Ohara. She mustn't tell anyone that she is an archaeologist.

Robin runs to the village to find out if anything is amiss. All she can think about is that Saul said her mother might be there.

Olivia is standing in the Tree of Knowledge. She was captured by the navy, but she escaped.

[Ah, the dialogue here seems to suggest that she was the shadowy figure from the marine ship, although that's a bit confusing - was she stowed away? From what we learn later, the marines certainly didn't bring her there voluntarily. Why did that ship come to Ohara ahead of the rest? Is it the rescue ship we see later?]

[Oda-box: Nico Olivia, Archaeologist.]

She's just been breaking the news that the government is coming for them.

Six years earlier, a team of archaeologists set out on a mission to research the poneglyphs. All 33, apart from herself, have been wiped out. The government discovered from searching their belongings that the team had come from Ohara.

She apologizes for bringing this calamity on them, but Clover says they're all one team - both those who left and those who stayed. And the government was bound to turn its attention to Ohara sooner or later, anyway. This is just an excuse to do what they've wanted to do all along.

Olivia begs them to run away and save themselves, but Clover says they can't abandon the treasures of the library. All the other scholars feel the same.

Clover asks if there isn't something more important she's worried about, but Olivia says she can't very well see Robin now.

She remembers making the decision to leave two-year-old Robin with her brother and his wife.

The other archaeologists are telling her to stay with her kid if that's what she wants.

[I don't quite understand what one of them is saying about her husband. 旦那の無念ならおれ達が.. "If it's regret for your husband, we'll…" At least, I would assume danna refers to Olivia's husband. But I am not sure what mu'nen implies - does that mean he's dead? It seems to have some sort of Buddhist significance (along the lines of "attachment to the world"). Does she perhaps feel obligated to go with the archaeologists to complete her husband's work, or something? That's what the Viz translation suggests: "We'll fulfill your husband's wishes."]

Back then, she insisted on going with them. As an archaeologist, she can't abandon the will (ishi) of their ancestors.


Little Robin is wailing; she doesn't understand where her mother went. Her aunt is disgruntled (and threatens to hit Robin if she doesn't stop crying).

"I know she's your sister's kid, but why do we have to get stuck with her?"

In the next scene, a small Robin (a little older, surely, if she can read?) is exploring the library. When Professor Clover catches her, she's frightened, but he says the books are free for anyone to read. "You like books, eh?"

Back in the present (well, 20-years-ago present), Clover says she's just like Olivia when Olivia was her age. She has her mother's genius intelligence, too.

Olivia is glad to hear that she's well, but says she can't see her. She can't allow Robin to be seen as the child of a criminal.

Someone brings the news that a government ship has been sighted (which is even worse than the arrival of the marines).

Olivia leaves, telling them to have nothing to do with her from now on. ("We're not nakama, you don't even know me, got that!?") She runs out with a gun in her hands.

[Like mother, like daughter, jeez.]

Spandain shows up on shore, grumpy but saying he should at least get a promotion out of this. He orders the arrest of all the archaeologists on the island.

Robin and Olivia pass each other on the street, running, without recognizing each other.

[Oh, oh, OH. This was another bit that was very well done in the anime, but I couldn't find a good youtube clip of it.]

Someone wakes up Vice-Admiral Kuzan (Oda-box: "later to become Admiral Aokiji") to tell him that Spandain just reported his arrival on Ohara.

Kuzan: "You had to wake me up for THAT?"


When Robin bursts into the library, her first question is "Has my mother been here?"

The other scholars are unnerved (and no wonder), but of course they deny it.

Aw, poor Robin, slumping with disappointment.

[I think maybe the hardest thing about reading this flashback is seeing how much more readily she shows her emotions. It just breaks my heart every single time.]

When Robin tries to pass along Saul's warning, Clover warns her sternly not to let anyone from the government know that she's an archaeologist. She's so little, no one will suspect her.

The men in black burst in and tell everyone to put their hands up. They've come to do a thorough search to find out if anyone has been doing illegal research into the poneglyphs.

The word goes out throughout the island that all the archaeologists are to be arrested on the charge of plotting world destruction.

They advise everyone who can prove that they have no archaeologist connections to take refuge on the rescue ship. They can't guarantee what might happen to anyone who stays behind.

The Oharans flee in terror to the rescue ship.

Nico Olivia tries to shoot Spandain, but only manages to send a bullet through his empty coat sleeve. (Spandain only realizes this after he's already fallen on the ground, shrieking that he's dying and he wants his position to go to his son.)

Olivia is still trying to deny that she has any connection to Ohara, but Spandain isn't fooled. He says he's quite certain that if they search long enough, they'll find proof that Ohara is involved in poneglyph research.

[I'm guessing this means they were prepared to plant evidence if they didn't find any.]

This incident was just a convenient opportunity for the government to make an example of them. The destruction of Ohara will serve as a warning to the world of the dangers of researching the void century.

Spandain orders his men to seize her (it looks as if the agents are using soru, moving faster than the eye can see).

The agents are searching the library (throwing books all over the place), looking for a hidden room.

On the northwest coast, Saul is gazing in horror at a convoy of marine ships approaching.

[Ten ships and five vice-admirals for a Buster Call, right? I see ten ships.]

The men in black herd all the archaeologists together outside the Tree of Knowledge. Robin is still with them.

Clover tries to persuade Robin to flee to the rescue ship with the other Oharans.

Robin doesn't want to. "There won't be anyone nice there! I want to stay with you!"

Spandain marches up and throws Olivia down in front of them. "I found a dangerous wild beast in the forest."

Robin is gazing in horror, not knowing who Olivia is (she's just shocked that they would hurt a woman).

Clover tells Robin to get to the rescue ship, again.

Hearing Robin's name, Olivia looks up.

*Robin…? You got so big…!*

An explosion goes off at the base of the tree.

Someone calls the director to report that they found a hidden room with a stone inscribed with poneglyphs in it.

Spandain pronounces sentence of death on the scholars of Ohara, and says there's nothing left to do now but report back to the Gorousei.

Robin keeps asking Clover if everyone is really going to be killed. "Why? Just for reading the ancient writing?"

Spandain insists that they're plotting to revive the ancient weapon and kill a lot of people, but Robin says that isn't true.

Clover gently interrupts her, saying that arguing with them is pointless. It's not really the ancient weapon that the government fears.

Before he dies, Clover says, he has something he wants to tell the Gorousei - the results of their research into the Void Century.


[Cover Arc: Miss G-W uses her colors trap powers to hijack Hina's ship.]

The marines are waiting for the order to attack.

The villagers are fleeing the island in terror.

In the hidden basement, the men in black are staring at the poneglyph. No matter what they try to blow it up with, they can't put a scratch on it. "Creepy stone."

Saul is charging through the village, looking for Robin.

The Gorousei are speaking to Clover and Spandain over the den-den mushi. They express regret over the outcome, but the scholars were breaking the law.

When Clover tells them to drop the smarmy platitudes, the Gorousei recognize Clover's voice. It's a shame such a distinguished scholar had to depart from the proper path.

Clover says that the past belongs to everyone. The government has no right to stop people from wanting to know the "history that can't be told" (語られぬ歴史).

[Cobra used this same phrase back in volume 24, and I think Robin mentioned it on Skypiea, as well.]

Robin is hiding some distance away listening (apparently Clover whispered to her that she would be a criminal if she stayed to hear what he had to say, but she doesn't want to leave).

The Gorousei insist that having the power to awaken the ancient weapon is too dangerous. Even if they have no evil intent, what happens if someone comes along who wants to use them?

[Sounds frighteningly like Iceberg's reasoning…]

Clover says that people have a responsibility to know everything about the past that humans created with their own actions. The more they know, the better equipped they will be to deal with anything that might happen.

Gorousei: "Idealism."
Clover: "Maybe. Or maybe the truth just isn't convenient for you."

Clover says that even more than the information the poneglyphs contain, what they as scholars really want to know is why the poneglyphs need to exist at all. Why did the people of the past feel that it was necessary to inscribe history on indestructible stones, and send it into the future, scattered throughout the world?

Paper and books can be burned. They were afraid that their message would be destroyed.

So, obviously, the people who left the poneglyphs behind had enemies.

If the people who left the poneglyphs were defeated and eliminated, it follows that their enemies must still be around.

Coincidentally, the present World Government just happens to have come into existence 800 years ago, at the end of the Void Century.

If the World Government is presently being run by those who were the enemies of the people who left the poneglyphs, it seems likely that the history of the Void Century was erased because it was inconvenient to the present government.

Their research, says Clover, led them to become aware of the existence of a great kingdom (巨大な王国), which has since disappeared without a trace.

Perhaps, he says, that ancient people, foreseeing their defeat at the hands of the alliance that is now the World Government, tried to communicate their way of thinking to future generations by inscribing it on stone - the poneglyphs.

Gorousei: "A very bold theory."

Certainly, says Clover, the ancient weapon is a threat to the world, but the existence of the ancient kingdom and its way of thought is far more dangerous in the eyes of the World Government.

The name of that kingdom was—

"Erase them. Ohara… knows too much."

Clover is shot before he can finish his sentence.

The Gorousei give the command to begin the attack.

Spandain pulls out the Golden Den-Den Mushi that Sengoku (then Admiral, now Fleet Admiral) gave him. He presses the button.

Crying, Robin runs up to Clover, who is severely wounded. Clover is still trying to persuade her to get to the rescue ship.

The Silver Den-Den Mushi, which exists for the sole purpose of receiving the Buster Call, rings on board the marine fleet. The ships move into position and prepare to fire.

A fire breaks out in library, and the scholars run to save what they can of the books.

Spandain drags Olivia to her feet and prepares to take her with him. They still need to get some information out of her.

Staring at the agents as they lead Olivia away, Robin finally speaks up.

"Are you… my mother?"

Olivia remembers her little girl crying for her when she left, and tells herself she has no right to be a mother any more. (今更許される筈もない 私が母親だなんて…)

(Oh god, the image of little baby Robin in her mother's arms!)

Robin thinks of the other children who jeered at her, called her a demon, said her mother threw her away. She remembers her aunt's small cruelties, and crying all by herself in the forest.

"Are you my mother?"

The agents are getting suspicious. "Wait, you have a kid?"

Olivia tries to deny it. "No. I'm sorry, you have me confused with someone else."

Spandain is ready to walk away, but Robin won't give up.

"It's me! Robin! I got bigger, but… don't you remember me? I've been waiting for you to come home!"


"Are you really not my mother? I hoped someday you'd hold my hand and we could walk together. I… I studied really hard! I'm an archaeologist now! And I can read the poneglyphs, too!"

Spandain is aghast. "That little kid?" Clover: "Robin, no!" Olivia is crying.

"Please let me go with you, mommy! Please… don't leave me alone any more!"

The bombing of Ohara begins.

"Erase every trace of Ohara, the island of archaeologists."

[SBS: I am feeling too sad right now to appreciate the awesomeness of Usopp's Sogeking autograph. T__T]


[Cover Arc: Approaching the prison island.]

People are still fleeing to the rescue ship as the bombardment begins.

The Gorousei are giving orders that absolutely no information be allowed to escape Ohara. The scholars of Ohara know far more than anyone suspected.

"Eliminate the demons who live on Ohara! In the name of justice!"

Clover realizes that with this much firepower, the government had every intention of wiping them out from the beginning. "Those fools!"

Spandain orders his men to remember Robin's face and make sure she doesn't escape from the island. He runs for his life - he can't even be bothered to take Olivia with him.

"My life is the most important thing here!"

[Like father, like son, all right.]

The scholars are still trying to save the library from the fire.

Robin puts her hand in Olivia's.

"I always wanted to do this."

Finally, Olivia pulls Robin into her arms.

"Mommy!" (お母さん= "mother" is just way too formal for a little girl.)

Clover slumps, defeated. "Robin, is it true? This is all my fault. You can read the poneglyphs?"

Olivia hugs her daughter and praises her. "You must have worked so hard. Not just anyone can do that. You're amazing, Robin!"

Clover tells Olivia to flee and take Robin with her. They need to get off the island.

Olivia hands Robin over to Saul (who just showed up), telling him to get her off the island. She says she has to stay behind.

She explains that history is a priceless treasure, but if the traditions aren't handed down from one generation to the next, they will disappear. The scholars of Ohara only ever wanted to receive the voice of the past and protect it for generations to come.

"Our research ends here, but even if Ohara is destroyed, we can't give up on the future that you will live on in!"

["You" is plural.]

Robin sobs that she doesn't understand, but Olivia says someday, she will. She tells Saul to go.

Robin is still screaming and begging her mother to let her stay. "MOMMY! MOMMY!"

Thank you for calling me by that name. From now on, for my share, too… (これからは、私の分まで)


On the marine ship, someone tells Kuzan that they've spotted the fugitive Vice Admiral Saul on the island.

Flashback - Vice Admiral Saul of the marines tried to stop the slaughter of Olivia's whole team, saying it wasn't necessary to kill them. Afterwards, when Olivia was taken into custody, she confronted him.

Saul: "Do you really want the ancient weapon?"
Olivia: "Do you judge us, without will?" (意志もなく 私たちを裁くのね - now that's an odd way of putting it.) "Without doubting the law, you all say you're trying to stop the ancient weapon. You're just afraid of the past that you don't even know!"

Saul is horrified to learn from Sengoku that he has ordered a Buster Call.

[OMG, the goat! It was twenty years ago! Seriously, how long do goats live?]

Saul says that as far as he can tell, these people just want to know history. What proof is there that they are villains? Sengoku tells him to shut up and obey orders.

Eventually, Saul breaks Olivia out of prison and escapes.

Knowing that Saul knows of the plan to issue a Buster Call, Sengoku orders them both to be captured. "Shoot to kill, if necessary."

Saul tells Olivia to escape and take the message back to Ohara. Olivia says he won't be able to go back to the marines, but Saul says he wouldn't want to serve in the marines with these feelings of doubt, anyway.

"I'm just following my own sense of justice. Now go!"

Olivia: "I'm not going to thank you!"
Saul: "Dereshishishi! I'll be praying for your safe journey."

Back in the present, Saul realizes that the marines are firing at him.

"Robin! Be proud, Robin! Your mother is an amazing woman! Ohara is an amazing place!"

He tells her to go and someday tell everyone the story of this island. "Ohara fought with the world!"

A cannonball scores a direct hit. (On the ship, one of the marines winces and apologizes. "Don't apologize!! He's a collaborator!")

Saul charges up to the ship (carefully setting Robin down on a nearby cliff first).

Saul: "I don't know what justice is any more, but I'm protecting a friend (tomodachi)."
Robin: "Saul! Stop!"
Saul: "Hope you're prepared. Make an enemy out of me, and you won't get off scot free."

He lifts the boat right out of the water.

[I love Saul. <3 I really wish we had got to see more of him.]


[Cover Arc: "Sneaking onto the detention island while pretending to be in custody." (The Marine has a design painted on his back.)]

Saul is rampaging around, smashing one navy ship after another.

Giving up on putting out the fire, the scholars are now trying to save as many books as they can by throwing them into the lake.

Robin is sobbing. "Saul, stop, you're going to die!"

One of the books flying into the lake is labeled "Brag Men."

[Nami was reading that in an early volume of the series… an SBS pointed this out, of course.]

Please, let them reach the future.

Clover and Olivia are among those trying to save the books.

Saul shouts to Robin to get to the rescue ship. The island is doomed, nothing on it can be saved.

Surrounded by explosions, Robin is crying for her mother.

Saul tells her to remember what her mother wanted. ("Robin, live!")

When she arrives at the rescue ship, half the people don't want to let her on because she's a "demon," or because she's the daughter of a criminal. A few want to help, but Robin says she doesn't need a rope, she can get on herself.

[I find it interesting that throughout the story, the majority of the ordinary people of Ohara come off as bigoted, small minded and selfish. Oda more often represents the common man as capable of great decency and generosity, but I suppose in this case it was necessary to establish Robin's childhood sense of complete isolation from nearly everyone. Like Chopper, she never belonged anywhere even when she had a home to live in.]

Spandain, catching sight of her, gets on the PA and orders the rescue ship not to take her on board. She's an archaeologist, she's one of the targets. Robin runs away.

Saul charges toward Spandain's ship, but Kuzan hits him with one of his ice attacks.

Kuzan and Saul confront each other. Saul wants to know if Kuzan takes pride in this. "You must know they're destroying Ohara as an example to the others!"

Kuzan thinks that maybe it's justified, if it helps future generations. The scholars were breaking the law, after all.

"Depending on the situation, justice changes. So, I won't condemn your justice, either. But… I won't let you get in the way."

The rescue ship explodes.

[Oh, poor Robin. Her eyes!]

Someone says the attack came from Vice-Admiral Sakazuki's ship.

[OH WAIT. There's someone I hate more than Spandam, after all.]

Sakazuki, in silhouette: "If you're going to do a thing, do it thoroughly."

He thinks that if even a single scholar escaped on that ship, it would make all the other sacrifices meaningless.

Oda-box: Vice-Admiral Sakazuki, later Admiral Akainu.

Saul attacks Kuzan, demanding to know if he can still be proud of THIS. Kuzan says he doesn't intend to go to such stupid extremes as that.

Saul grabs Robin and makes a run for it. "They're too strong!"

[Smart man.]

Kuzan freezes most of Saul's body with one of his ice attacks. Saul tells Robin to keep going. Run, as fast as she can, and get to the raft that he left.

Robin says she doesn't want to go. There's no one at sea for her.

Saul tells her to listen.

"Right now, you may be alone, but someday, you'll be able to meet your nakama. The sea's a big place! Someday, nakama will appear who can protect you. No one was born into this world to live all alone."

[I love that line so much.]

He tells her to run and don't look back. "When things are hard, laugh like I taught you!"

"Dereshishishi! They're waiting for you, somewhere out at sea. Go, Robin! Go meet your nakama!"

Live… with them!

Kuzan's attack completely freezes Saul's body.

Watching the library burn, Clover wonders if this, too, is the history that foolish humans chose. Olivia weeps, thinking that she couldn't even leave Robin the words of the ancestors.

When Robin reaches the shore, she finds Kuzan waiting by a rowboat.

"Thoroughgoing justice… at times it can drive men mad. I've decided to let you escape this island. I wonder what the "seed" that Saul protected will grow up to be."

He tells her to follow the line of the ice until she hits land.

"And, remember this. I'm not your ally. If you step out of line, I'll be the first to arrest you. I'm your enemy."

Robin sobs that her mother is on the island, but Kuzan says that no one on the island will survive.

"If it hurts too much and you want to die, you're free to do as you please."

Huddled in the rowboat, Robin watches the island burn and remembers the words of all her beloved people.

She tries to laugh like Saul taught her ("Dereshi! Dereshi!"), but only tears come.

Go, Robin! Go meet your nakama!



[Cover arc: The "most wanted criminals" are sitting in jail - Crocodile, Mr. 1 and Mr. 4. I think they beat up everyone else in the cell.]

As the marines are searching the ruins of Ohara for survivors (there are none), they are shocked to discover the lake so full of books that they nearly reach the surface of the water.

Spandain recognizes Robin from a picture that someone took of her on board a passenger ship, near an island to the northeast of Ohara. They lost sight of her shortly afterward.

Spandain says that he THOUGHT he saw her escaping on a rowboat at the time, but just then his helm "froze" (literally) and he couldn't go after her. (Kuzan in background: "……")

Spandain: 悪運の強いよつだ!

[This struck me as an odd line. Literally, "That one's bad luck is strong." But obviously, in Robin's case, it was good luck for her, so I guess if you're a bad guy and fortune helps you out, that means you have strong aku-un? Maybe it's like "She has the devil's own luck."]

They blame her escape on Saul.

(Kuzan is sweating bullets - obviously they don't know about his part in it. I wonder if he realized, when he let her go, that she could read the poneglyphs? Or that she was Olivia's daughter? Spandain only said that she was one of the archaeologists.)

Robin's bounty is set at 79 million beli. It hits the front page of newspapers around the world.

[Knowing the true circumstances of that sullen-looking bounty picture of her that we've been seeing since Volume 20 or so is kind of heartbreaking.]

The word on the street is that she was responsible for the sinking of six navy ships.

[If that isn't just a convenient government lie, I'm thinking most of those ships were actually sunk by Saul.]

"That child is a demon who cannot be allowed to live!"

We get an montage (all the more chilling for how brief it is) of Robin's years on the run.

An kind old woman who hired her to do odd jobs tries to turn her in to the marines for money.

She overhears the next couple who took her in as a servant plotting to do the same thing. ("She's a good kid, but we'll be in danger if she stays. And it is a lot of money.") They call her an "ungrateful little brat" when they find that she's fled in the night.

Robin huddling in the rain with a stray dog, still trying to practice laughing. T___T

The next one who takes her in as chore-girl is a nasty-looking pirate.

[The way Robin is drawn in that panel freezes my blood. I've said it many times, but I don't know how she ever grew up sane.]

They end up being attacked by Marine HQ because she's with them, but she's already fled.

Pirate: "That plague-witch!" (あの疫病神め!)

She's running again - looks a little older now, maybe twelve.

Random guy: "Your crime is being alive!"

She stumbles across an poneglyph in the forest (she looks about thirteen there) - nothing more is known of this poneglyph.

Shopkeepers drive her away and refuse to sell to her.

Sixteen-year-old Robin is volunteering to work for an underworld boss (組織). She says she can do anything. Later, she betrays them and runs away.

Twenty-four year old Robin is meeting Crocodile for the first time.

The flashback fades out, leaving Robin standing on the Tower of Law at Enies Lobby.

Robin says that the Buster Call, if summoned, will wipe out everyone on Enies Lobby - friend or foe. (Spandam doesn't appear to grasp this concept.)

Twenty years ago, it took everything from her. And now it's being directed at the only nakama who ever accepted her for who she was. (気を許せた)

"The more I want to be with you all, the more my fate (unmei) will sink its teeth into you!"

(Brr. 私の運命があなた達に牙をむく!)

No matter where she goes on all the wide ocean, she will be pursued by two great enemies she can't shake off - the "world" and its "darkness".

She's already endangered their lives twice (once with Aokiji, and now again at Enies Lobby). If this goes on, one day, even their good will will be exhausted. They'll come to think of her as a burden (重荷), and when that happens, they'll betray her and throw her away.

That was the thing she feared most; the reason she never wanted them to come save her.


If she's going to lose her life one day anyway, she'd rather die here and now.

Spandam laughs (DIE SPANDAM DIE) and says she's absolutely right. Who could possibly be stupid enough to stand up to the combined might of the entire World Government?

Spandam points out that the emblem of the World Government shows the four seas and the Grand Line (interesting, I don't think that's been made explicit before, though we've certainly seen their mark).

Luffy: "I understand very well who Robin's enemies are."

[<3 Luffy in serious mode.]

He tells Sogeking to shoot the flag, and Sogeking does, saying that he's using his new weapon, the modified Kabuto.

[Also <3 Usopp, who manages to sound so calm and confident when he must be shaking in his boots.]

Everyone watching is stunned as the flag goes up in flames.

"Now they've done it! The pirates have declared war on the World Government!"

Spandam asks if they think they can survive when they've just made enemies out of the entire world.

Luffy: "BRING IT ON!"

[One of the top five moments in One Piece, easy. Also, I will never be able to translate 望むところだ (lit. "That's exactly what I want") any other way.]

Luffy says he still hasn't heard her say it. He wants to hear it from her own mouth - that she wants to live.

Robin remembers everyone she's ever known saying that her existence is a crime.

I thought I couldn't even wish for it. That no one would ever allow it.

She remembers Saul telling her that her nakama are waiting for her; she remembers Usopp saying "Trust Luffy!"

If it's all right to say what I want, just a little bit—

"I WANT TO LIVE! Take me to sea with you!"

[T____T Happy tears this time.]

Franky is bawling, too. "I love you guys! Dammit all!"

The drawbridge starts dropping into place.

Usopp: "I'm shivering… with excitement…" (LOL)

[Also love Nami commenting on how scary Zoro looks. Sometimes there's a thin line between Zoro and Lucci… Good thing Zoro's on the side of the angels.]

Luffy: "HERE WE GO!"


[Cover arc: Miss G-W and Miss Valentine meet up with Miss Merry Christmas and Miss Doublefinger.]

The Strawhats get ready to cross the drawbridge, and CP-9 gets ready to fight. (Love that all of CP-9 is pretty much ready to rumble except for Spandam, who's terrified.)

Quick glimpse at what's going on in the main plaza, in the left tower (Mozu and Lulu), and the right tower (Kiwi and Tileston).

Paulie and Zambai are completing the takedown of Baskerville…

… who turns out to be three guys in a suit.

[This is SO stupid.]

Paulie: "But WHY?"
Baskerville: "We really like each other!" (仲良く)
Paulie: "SHUT UP!"

One of the Baskervilles orders an attack on the drawbridge, which halts it in mid-descent.

Spandam is gloating that he'll take Robin and Cutty Flam and escape to the Gates of Justice before the Strawhats can cross, but something Franky does stops him in his tracks.

He's holding out the plans for the ancient weapon Pluton. He was hiding them in his body.

[I really don't want to know where.]

Franky says that what the shipwrights have been handing down all these generations wasn't the plan for an ancient weapon. It was the prayer of the "maker(s)" (設計者) that when the time came, if the ancient weapon fell into the hands of a man like Spandam, someone would be able to take counter-measures by building an opposing weapon.

[In Japanese, it's not clear if 設計者 is plural or not. I've translated as it if is, but it could be singular ("the architect"), as Viz has it.]

Spandam could use Robin against her will to reactivate the ancient weapon, which makes her a dangerous woman. But now, she has nakama who can protect her. So, Franky says, he's making a bet.

Right now, he can only see one way to honor the wishes of the makers.

(おれが今この状況で「設計者」の想いを くんでやれる方法があるとすりゃあ一つだ. kunde yareru is a tricky phrase to translate - Oda has used this verb in the past to mean both "understand how someone feels" and "inherit the will of.")

Franky burns the plans to ashes.

Kalifa looks particularly ticked off that Franky just wasted five years of their lives. [Good.]

The plans were supposed to remain a secret. The moment the government became aware of their existence and began to target them, there was no choice left but to destroy them.

Now everything rests on what happens to Robin. If she falls into the hands of the government, Franky is screwed. If Luffy wins, the government will be screwed.

Franky's betting on the Strawhats to win.

Just then, the Franky Family interrupts the conversation to tell Franky they've come for him. [Aw, adorable flunkies!]

Franky is bawling like a baby. "You bastards, who asked you (sob) to come (sob) save me! Jerks! I'm not crying!"

Luffy: "Oh, shut up, all of you!"

[SO uncharacteristic, hee, look at Nami and Zoro's reaction. "Are you a demon!?"]

Luffy says Robin's waiting, and tells them to hurry up and finish lowering the drawbridge.

Haha, Nami jumps on the bandwagon and starts threatening them as well. Sanji: "Incoherent Nami-san is sexy too!" (取り留めのない: suddenly changing your mind for no apparent reason.) Zambai: "She kind of is." (ですよね.)

"Mugiwara! Looks like my men owe you one. From now on, you'll have the SUPER-massive fighting power of this mob boss Franky-sama on your side!"

[LOL Franky]

Luffy: "Do as you damn well please! I'm still holding a grudge for the Usopp thing!"
Franky (mumbling): "But he's standing right next to you…?"

[LOL forever. We were having a conversation earlier about how having Sogeking there doesn't fix the hurt of Usopp being gone, even if Luffy knew who Sogeking was, but this will still never not be funny. Also, I have a theory that Luffy is being super-mean to Franky and the Franky Family because he IS moved and doesn't want to admit it on account of Usopp - even though the concept of Luffy having "mixed emotions" must violate some kind of law of nature.]

In a rage, Spandam pushes Franky off the ledge.

Everyone is horrified (including Sogeking, aw: "Franky!!").

Kokoro comes in over the den-den mushi to tell them to get ready to jump. Rocketman is on its way.

Luffy grabs the others in his rubber arms and jumps. Franky is still falling (someone ate the slow-slow fruit again).

Kokoro: "Don't underestimate the legendary shipbuilding company of Tom's Workers!"

[I love Franky's face when he sees Rocketman, since of course he had no idea they got it working.]

They all (including Franky) land on Rocketman as it flies across the gulf. It's headed straight for the Tower of Law.

Franky flunkies: "It flew again!"



[LOL what a frame to end on.]
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