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I feel kind of dumb that I didn't know this existed, but I was wandering around the koohii forums (I think I was looking to see if anyone had done a Kanzen Master grammar deck for the higher levels) and stumbled across a reference to this site.

(I switched into Japanese for good discipline, but you can actually get most of the menus and instructions to display in English by clicking on the thingy in the upper right corner.)

My challenge to myself, lately, has been to really focus on listening practice and see if I can get my comprehension levels up. It's just so frustrating to listen to the news every night (TuneIn on the iPhone, ILU) and have to feel proud of myself when I recognize that they're talking about the Ukraine (because believe me, that is ALL I'm getting).

Anyway, Erin's Challenge was recommended for listening practice. It's a really clever site - you can do all sorts of things to customize how much or how little help you get from subtitles, etc. But what I think I love most is how culturally localized and specific it is, at least judging just from the first "chapter". It's like reading manga, only better. (I now know where to park the bike I don't own next time I'm traveling in Japan. Cool!)

Probably not so fun for those who have actually lived in Japan and can understand all this stuff, but highly recommended for anyone else who is studying Japanese.

Now I have something to do for practice other than listening to old One Piece episodes!
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