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... on account of all the screaming when certain things happen in One Piece.

Having fallen behind in the anime somewhere back during the Fishman Arc, I spent the last month of summer getting caught up on the entire anime arc through Punk Hazard and Dressrosa just so I could see this episode when it aired (it came out this morning in the US). And it did not disappoint.

It seems kind of silly to laugh and clap and squeal when pretty much every panel was drawn exactly as in the manga (and not that I have memorized every line of this chapter, or anything). This episode needed to be faithfully done, and it was. They did show a little more of Sabo's face, but they still kept it mostly in shadow and left the deductive work up to the reader/viewer, just like in the chapter.

Sabo's voice is perfect (as is Koala's - they did a lovely job with her as well). I cannot wait to see more of him in the rest of the arc.

They even kept the OMG HE'S ALIVE panel perfectly intact, only colorized. Because there is just no way to improve upon that moment, oh, Luffy.

And what else can I say? I felt so, so sorry for Bellamy when he was getting the crap kicked out of him by that little freak Dellinger. I have to admit, poor Bellamy is slowly growing on me. Not enough that I'd want him to be nakama (I have seen this speculation), but enough to want to see more of him. Poor loyal sap.

Operation SOP! Soldier, all super-serious and explaining the plan, complete with blackboard and pointer. (Franky: "But what does SOP stand for? It stands for something, right? Are you going to explain what SOP..." Robin: "Franky, hush.") Usopp: "The opponent is a little girl? Leave everything to me!"

Every single scene with Bartolomeo was hilarious as always. When he was vowing (to the wall!) to recover the mera-mera fruit for Luffy, and Bellamy is all "Who are you talking to?" And Bartolomeo trying to school Sabo for being rude to Luffy will never not be funny.

The anime did add one little thing, I think: after Sabo puts on the Lucy costume and walks past Bartolomeo, Bartolomeo goes skipping after him - literally skipping - like the happiest fanboy of all time. ILU Barto <3 <3 I think the animators might love him almost as much as I do, because they make him steal every scene he's in.

I am trying to tell myself that I don't need to watch it again just to see if they remembered to show Zoro's swords on Zoro in the cat costume at the end. Because Zoro's swords on Zoro in a cat costume, and the navy completely failing to notice Zoro's swords on the walking cat costume, is not to be missed. (And Zoro-as-cat getting irritated with Luffy-as-koi-fish because he just won't stop blubbering!)

Mostly, just so happy that the anime got everything right. And so looking forward to future weeks, because as lonnnnnng as it's going to take to move forward at anime-pace, this is the moment where, for me, Dressrosa went from "meh" to "BEST ARC EVER" in a heartbeat. (Well, ok, best arc ever is still a contested title. Enies Lobby is hard to beat. But Dressrosa is climbing the ratings table, fast.) And it just keeps getting better from here.

All right, I feel slightly better now that I've got that out of my system. It almost makes up for the tragedy of there being no new manga chapter this week. Monday is going to feel very long.

ETA, mostly for my own future reference: the reddit thread on the original release of manga chapter 731. Currently the second-highest-rated thread on the entire One Piece reddit, and it's freaking hilarious.
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