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Finally, things are looking up! (I haven't started 40 yet... gotta get on that. But 41 is making me cry too much. ;_;)

Volume 39: Contest/Struggle )
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This might be a little premature, because I'm not sure if [ profile] mangaroo has had a chance to read 37 yet, but having finished a draft of 39, I'm starting to lose track of where I am. So, here is 38 for all my Monday morning commenters.

Volume 38: Rocketman )
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I am PRAYING that [ profile] mangaroo gets Volume 39 real soon. Come on, library gods!

Volume 37: Tom )
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I really think anything I could possibly say about this volume would be a spoiler.

Volume 36: Justice Number 9 )
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I was going to put off posting this a little longer, but since [ profile] mangaroo might have to take books back to the library soon, I decided to go ahead.

I was SO excited to start Water 7 in the last volume. And don't get me wrong, Water 7 is awesome, no question. But I forgot one tiny detail, because I practice selective memory for the WIN: doing Water 7 meant I had to do Volume 35.

Volume 35 HURTS. Hurts like having bamboo splints stuck under your fingers and twisted. For hours.

Oda, you sick piece of work, I f&*ing hate you right now.

I'll try to keep this short, because HURTS. Need to get to the next volume, fast!

Volume 35: Captain )
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I have a million things I want to be posting about (and I am hoping to get to some of them tomorrow), but I feel like I just need to get this off my chest first, because I can't put it into a more general post where people might get spoiled.

The following contains serious spoilers for the latest chapters of One Piece in Shounen Jump (specifically, chapters 731-736, including chapters from Dec. 16 to Feb. 3 - inspired principally by having read ch. 736 last night).


It kind of kills me not to be reading first in Japanese (there is so much that even the best translation can't capture), but at times like this it's worth the sacrifice.

Incidentally, for anyone who is wondering how I keep up with the latest chapters but doesn't want to click on spoilers - besides buying Japanese volumes when they come out, I subscribe to Viz Manga's online subscription to Shounen Jump Alpha, which, as of relatively recently, is fully simultaneous with releases in Japan (the magazine in Japan and the matching Shounen Jump Alpha chapter both come out on Mondays). Also, chapters no longer expire after a year is up; you get to keep them forever (on your ipad or for viewing and re-downloading online), just like magazines piled up in the closet from the old paper days.
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YAY, just a last little bit of Foxy and we can get to the good stuff!

Water 7/Enies Lobby: best arc ever or best arc ever? (To be honest, it's awfully hard to choose. Alabasta and Marineford are in the running, but Water 7 is way up there.)

Volume 34: The City of Water, Water 7 )
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Not sure when [ profile] mangaroo expects to have this in hand, but I’m going to try to hustle through it, because I find this (mercifully short) arc so painfully dull and unfunny. [ profile] wrenwyn thought the anime version of it was hilarious, though, so… I hope someone finds something worth enjoying in it.

Volume 33: Davy Back Fight )
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So, some One Piece discussions while we were in Japan inspired me to try to tackle the One Piece summaries again.

There is some awesome stuff in the very end of the Skypiea arc... if I could remember anything that happened in Skypiea at this point. And then the beginning of the Davy Back Fight, oh god. Let's see how fast I can get through vol 33. [ profile] mangaroo, I really hope you find the Davy Back Fight arc more entertaining than I do. At least it's short.

I need to figure out the best way to do these. This one I already had some past notes written up for, at least for the first chapter or two, so I kept it in the same style, with fairly detailed summaries. I don't know if that is the best way to do it, though. It's time consuming, and after all, anyone reading the volume in English doesn't actually need me to summarize it. Maybe I can figure out how to just call out the bits that I think are interesting or funny.

Anyway, this one is traditionally long-style. 出発する!

Volume 32 )
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Damn you, Oda, this is stealth heartbreak. Skypiea is all dial technology blah blah, Enel boring boring, fight fight yawn fight, all of a sudden FLASHBACK CRYYYYYYY. I call foul!

Actually I love this volume a lot. Light the flame of Shandora!

Also, Luffy, feel free to kill Enel ANY DAY NOW.

Volume 31 )
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It kind of feels like the main function of this volume is to move all the pieces into place for the climax. (But I do love the climax itself! Coming up, volumes 31 and 32.)

Volume 30 )
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The fighting is still tedious, but the threads are drawing together on the backstory of Shandora, making this volume more interesting overall.

Volume 29 )
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At least lots of boring shounen fighting makes for quicker summaries, sigh.

(A few very interesting tidbits scattered in amidst the fighting, though - especially the hints about mantra, and the ancient history of Shandora.)

Volume 28 )
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I find I'm able to appreciate the development of the Skypiea/Shandia plot much better this time through. The first time I read this arc, I think I was just hopelessly confused.

Enel and his agents remain tedious, alas.

Volume 27 )
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Journey to the island in the sky results in overuse of "scare quotes."

I think I just figured out why Skypiea is not my favorite arc -- among other things, way too much fantasy worldbuilding. The hints at future plot developments remain fascinating, however.

Volume 26 )
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Off to Skypiea... after Oda hits us with the firehose, again. (I don't think any two chapters in all of One Piece are as dense as chs. 233 and 234. But wow, so much amazing stuff.)

Volume 25 )
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Running late because I had company over the weekend.

Moving into the Skypiea arc by way of Jaya. I thought I remembered vol 24 being kind of boring, but a lot more happens here than I thought.

Volume 24 )
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Farewell to Alabasta, in all its awesomeness. ;__; (Happy tears! ... mostly.)

Volume 23 )
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Longest. Twenty-nine minutes and thirty seconds. Ever.

(But, I LOVE this volume. The only thing better than volume 22 is volume 23.)

Volume 22 )

I'm thinking of experimenting with posting every other day, instead of every three days. Partly I just can't wait to get to the rest of Alabasta; partly I'd like to get through as much as possible before the summer ends and life gets hectic again.

If I can't keep up with writing up notes, though, I might fall back to every three days.
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Livy wrote his history in pentads or decads (groups of five-ten books). What's a group of 20 books? Insanity? Anyway, we're starting a new one!

Let's face it: some shounen fights are just more fun than others. A mixed bag in this volume.

Volume 21 )
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