PW 1.4

Feb. 15th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Apparently, I'm on track to do these cases at the rate of one a WEEK instead of one a day. *sob*

Spoiler alert: I have SO MUCH LOVE for the osananajimi storyline of this chapter. Those who haven't played the game (yet), beware! Spoilers lurk within.

Mitsurugiiiiiii... )

I'm not even sure when I'll get the next one done, because... arrgh. Those of you who have played, remember how annoying the lunch lady and the patrolman who thinks he's a cowboy are? (Well, they annoyed the living heck out of me, anyway.) In Japanese, they're a million times worse. I can't understand a word they're saying, and when I play through the same segment in English to try to figure it out, it's apparent to me from the little I do understand that the English translation is totally changing whatever it was they originally said. *sigh* I'm afraid I'm going to have to play through the whole game with dictionary in hand just to figure out what's going on. Stay tuned.
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Day 3 was supposed to be Monday...? Uh, yeah. I finished it last night.

Between the samurai jokes and the fanboy jokes, doing this one in Japanese killed me, but I found a lot of interesting stuff (interesting to me, that is. And maybe, like, 1/2 other person in the universe). So, this is long.

Without further ado!

PW 1.3: The Warrior of Little Edo )

PW 1.2

Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:17 pm
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This one took a LOT longer to play through. Trying to do this in Japanese and English is going to be a killer. Still, I will gambare!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Chapter 2 )
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In response to the challenge on [ profile] gyakuten_saiban, I'm going to try to play all the games through in Japanese and English, blogging about the differences as I go. All entries will be public, so people can visit from the PW community if they want.

I'll quote a lot of things in Japanese, but I'll try to transliterate and explain for the benefit of my friends (and maybe outside readers) who don't speak Japanese. If you're a non-Japanese reader keeping up with this, comment once in a while and let me know... otherwise I might get lazy, since it seems silly to explain everything to my friends who are fluent in Japanese but have only played the game in English (or not at all).

I'll try to avoid or spoiler-tag protect significant spoilers, like things that give away the solution to the case or reveal major background spoilers on the characters, but eventually it'll be impossible to avoid talking in detail about spoilery stuff. If you haven't played the game yet, click on cut tags with caution.

To new readers: if you've played past the middle of PW2, do me a favor and protect me from major spoilers for the end of games 2 and 3? I know a lot of spoilers because I can't seem to stay away from fan groups and fan fiction, but I'd rather not know any more than I already do. I'm hoping to get closer to the end of PW3 in the next few weeks, but I play really slowly when I'm going through a game for the first time.

On with the blog!

Today's case is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Chapter 1. Er, were these questions supposed to be HARD? )

Well, playing through that one in an evening wasn't too hard... let's see how the next few chapters go!

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