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... on account of all the screaming when certain things happen in One Piece.

Chapter 731 becomes Episode 663. BEWARE SPOILER ZONE. )

ETA, mostly for my own future reference: the reddit thread on the original release of manga chapter 731. Currently the second-highest-rated thread on the entire One Piece reddit, and it's freaking hilarious.
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I have a million things I want to be posting about (and I am hoping to get to some of them tomorrow), but I feel like I just need to get this off my chest first, because I can't put it into a more general post where people might get spoiled.

The following contains serious spoilers for the latest chapters of One Piece in Shounen Jump (specifically, chapters 731-736, including chapters from Dec. 16 to Feb. 3 - inspired principally by having read ch. 736 last night).


It kind of kills me not to be reading first in Japanese (there is so much that even the best translation can't capture), but at times like this it's worth the sacrifice.

Incidentally, for anyone who is wondering how I keep up with the latest chapters but doesn't want to click on spoilers - besides buying Japanese volumes when they come out, I subscribe to Viz Manga's online subscription to Shounen Jump Alpha, which, as of relatively recently, is fully simultaneous with releases in Japan (the magazine in Japan and the matching Shounen Jump Alpha chapter both come out on Mondays). Also, chapters no longer expire after a year is up; you get to keep them forever (on your ipad or for viewing and re-downloading online), just like magazines piled up in the closet from the old paper days.
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The current arc is KILLING me. (It's Wednesday! Chapter 673 just appeared, and is full of plotfulness and hilarity.) It's so awesome, but I feel like no one else on my flist is caught up to the current raws/scanlations, so I can't squee about it here. Sure, I could go to [ profile] one_piece or Arlong Park Forums and talk about it there, but... strangers!

If anyone is actually following the latest, take pity on me and comment here?

On sources, socially approved and otherwise (no spoilers here) )

All right, jeez, I have better things I should be doing.

ETA: the commentary on the current [ profile] one_piece chapter 673 discussion post just keeps getting funnier.

Typical of Robin to bring up awkward subjects like 'HEY, SMOKEY, REMEMBER WHEN I LOCKED YOU IN A CAGE WITH YOUR NEMESIS BEFORE?' ([ profile] pamplemose)

Is any one else amused by Sanji!Nami's face in that final panel? With the tears, the angle and the expression she reminds me of all of those terrible uke!Sanji shots from doujins. x3 ([ profile] xarciel)

OH MY GOD IT WAS A HAMBURGER. Everything makes sense now. [...] Hah, oh Oda, only you would think it's a good idea to introduce a villain with his lunch still affixed to the side of his face. ([ profile] xarciel)

I love the look Law's giving Luffy in the panel when we first see them in the cage. This is your life now, Law. ([ profile] kala_aira)

I now ship Law with everyone, inside and outside of that cage. ([ profile] nopejustme)

(And that's not even covering all of the interesting-actual-plot speculation going on.)

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