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Under the wire - One Piece volume 58!

Despite one quick proofreading, this is probably full of typos and god-only-knows-what, but I wanted to get it up before [ profile] mangaroo had to return her copy to the library. [ profile] mangaroo, I hope you can at least scribble down some notes in the way of a response before you have to take it back.

Also, T____T forever, but that kind of goes without saying

One Piece 58 )
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Lapsed, but not dead!

Japan is just over ONE WEEK AWAY (eek!), but I wanted to get at least a couple of these done before going. Then maybe I can use the post-Japan One Piece high to keep moving forward.

Volume 57: The War at the Summit )
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This is probably still kind of rough, but I have a million things going on this weekend and wanted to get it up sooner rather than later. I'll be back to fix the rough edges.

Life since the week before Thanksgiving, so crazy!

Volume 56: Thank You )
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Not sure if this is rushing things, but at one point [ profile] mangaroo was hoping to walk 54 and 55 back to the library tomorrow, so I figured I'd better post it. Will see if I can get through 56 this weekend.

Volume 55: A Buddha in Hell )
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You would think Impel Down would be one of my least favorite arcs, what with all the immature toilet humor. And I thought maybe I would like it less the second time through. Nope - it's still one of my favorites. So hilariously epic. And the comedy is kind of a welcome relief against the deadly serious backdrop.

Vol. 55 is waiting in the wings.

Volume 54: No One Can Stop This Now )
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So, [ profile] mangaroo, you're not super attached to any of the Strawhats besides Luffy, right? I mean, you won't mind if we don't see them for... a while? /facepalm

On with Volume 53! From Shabondy to Amazon Lily.

Volume 53: Quality of a King )
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... on account of all the screaming when certain things happen in One Piece.

Chapter 731 becomes Episode 663. BEWARE SPOILER ZONE. )

ETA, mostly for my own future reference: the reddit thread on the original release of manga chapter 731. Currently the second-highest-rated thread on the entire One Piece reddit, and it's freaking hilarious.
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I had forgotten how dense this volume was. (Maybe I should say "confusing." Once again, it was a lot clearer on re-reading in retrospect.)

Also, this could be considered rather a nasty cliffhanger. I will try to get on to 53 quickly.

Volume 52: Roger and Rayleigh )
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Shabondy, yay! This is one of those arcs (kind of like Jaya, vols 24-25) that can be overwhelming at first and is probably better on a re-read, but even on a first read, it is still made of multiple layers of awesome.

Volume 51: Eleven Supernovas )
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I have so many things I feel I ought to be catching up on! Maybe another life post soon. In the meantime, I want to get the One Piece train re-started before I lose momentum completely.

I have a lot of favorite scenes in this volume. At last, Thriller Bark wraps up, and we're getting ready to move on to the Shabondy arc.

One Piece 50 )
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A day later than I had hoped, but on with Volume 49! A lot of shounen fighting to get through here. I'm looking forward to getting into Volume 50 and the transition to one of my favorite arcs coming up next.

A comment that applies to pretty much the whole volume: I don't highlight this much in the summaries, partly because the details of fighting are too tedious to summarize, but I really love when all the Strawhats team up and play off of each other's abilities. Teamwork fights are the best!

One Piece 49 - Nightmare Luffy )
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This is a bit premature, because I would usually wait until discussion on 46 was exhausted to start 47, but I'm leaving for Latin camp tomorrow, so I might as well post the finished summary for 47 now.

I'll be taking 48-51 with me (48 is half read with no summarizing done yet), in case I have time to work on it in the evenings, but no promises until I get back on the 23rd.

One Piece 47 (Cloudy, with A Chance of Bones) )
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Whoa, where did May go?

Besides end of semester craziness and beach travel, I've been having a little motivation trouble because Thriller Bark has never been a favorite arc of mine. It has some great moments, to be sure, but zombies are just not my thing.

I had hoped to make more progress at the beach, but we had such a run of good weather that I couldn't do much of anything on the computer at all. Not that I'm complaining.

But the arc isn't too long, so, on with it!

One Piece 46: Ghost Island Adventure )
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This is no doubt full of typos and I don't even know what all, but I am so far behind, I just need to get it out and keep moving. ^_^;;

Enies Lobby draws to a close, post-Enies Lobby awaits.

Volume 44: Let's Go Home )
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This one was really interesting! (From the koohii forums, again. I'm not sure if I need to spend more time there, or less. So full of interesting ways to waste time.) It purports to be a test that can determine roughly how many words you know in Japanese from a fifty-word quiz. (Brought to us by the publisher of an electronic CD dictionary, apparently.)

I was hoping the test was endlessly self-generating, but actually it seems like there are only three versions (too bad, it would be a fun way to test change over time). As far as I can tell from trying the first two, the tests are progressively harder, but interestingly, although I was able to identify far fewer words on the second one, both reported that I had a similar level of vocabulary: between 15,000 and 16,000 words. (Which is elementary school level, if you want a depressing statistic. Of course native speakers recognize all sorts of random words a foreign speaker typically wouldn't. University graduates allegedly can recognize something in the range of 40-50K words. I wonder how adult native speakers do on the test.)

I have no idea how statistically accurate the test is, but 15K sounds about right to me (maybe a tad high) - I have an anki deck of about 9000 vocab words that I routinely run through, and there must be a lot of words that aren't in my deck that I recognize just from casual reading.

I'd be really curious to know what my more fluent friends would score on the test!
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I feel kind of dumb that I didn't know this existed, but I was wandering around the koohii forums (I think I was looking to see if anyone had done a Kanzen Master grammar deck for the higher levels) and stumbled across a reference to this site.

(I switched into Japanese for good discipline, but you can actually get most of the menus and instructions to display in English by clicking on the thingy in the upper right corner.)

My challenge to myself, lately, has been to really focus on listening practice and see if I can get my comprehension levels up. It's just so frustrating to listen to the news every night (TuneIn on the iPhone, ILU) and have to feel proud of myself when I recognize that they're talking about the Ukraine (because believe me, that is ALL I'm getting).

Anyway, Erin's Challenge was recommended for listening practice. It's a really clever site - you can do all sorts of things to customize how much or how little help you get from subtitles, etc. But what I think I love most is how culturally localized and specific it is, at least judging just from the first "chapter". It's like reading manga, only better. (I now know where to park the bike I don't own next time I'm traveling in Japan. Cool!)

Probably not so fun for those who have actually lived in Japan and can understand all this stuff, but highly recommended for anyone else who is studying Japanese.

Now I have something to do for practice other than listening to old One Piece episodes!
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I have been waiting SO long to be able to use this icon.

Volume 43: Hero Legend )
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This one might be a bit rough in terms of proofreading, but I'll hope for the best! I haven't started 43 yet.

As I thought, a lot of shounen fighting in this one. A few good moments too though. :-)

Volume 42: Pirates Vs. CP9 )
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