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*huge sigh of relief*

Can I just say how irritating the last two days have been. This is much earlier than I expected to hear the results, but a couple of days ago an email went out saying that results would be going up soon. I figured it was in preparation for announcing the results at the end of Feb, as usual, and didn't pay much attention. Then I went to my Japanese class in Boston (have I even mentioned the Japanese class in Boston?) and found out that some of my classmates had seen THEIR results, but in the meantime they'd sent out another notice saying they were taking the results down due to "technical difficulties." I was completely convinced that this was a sign from the universe that I'd failed. =P

It was giri giri as expected (passing is 280/400... note my score of 294), but I'm pretty pleased with my kanji and grammar scores (heck, they're better than the second time I took 2kyuu). That I scored over 40 on listening is frankly a miracle. (Asuka, tanonda zo!)

Under the new rules that go into effect this December, I'd have to pass all three sections at 70 or above to pass, haha. Hope my listening gets better before I try to tackle the new version of the test, hm?

In other news, life this semester is CRAZY. I have two new courses I'm teaching and am thoroughly enjoying both, but it feels like I do nothing but read New Testament commentaries and watch bad movies. (Ben Hur last night... I don't think I was supposed to be laughing at the leprosy scene.) I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to teach brand new courses. And I have two talks I'm supposed to be giving in less than six weeks, yikes.

But anyway! 合格です~!

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